Jailbreak Gui for Auto Money and More 2022

Jailbreak Gui
Jailbreak Gui

The Jailbreak Roblox game is one of the most enjoyable roblox games where robbers will try to escape from prisons.

Did you know that the jailbreak script on our site allows players to automatically rob banks and earn money quickly?

The jailbreak gui is quite simple to use. all you just need to do is write a few commands! it’s that easy.

Before using the following scripts, you should definitely read how they are run and their features

If you want to automate things in this popular game, you should try the jailbreak gui.

How to Run Jailbreak Gui

Before running scripts, you need to use the Roblox exploit.

You can download the Roblox exploit that works best by going to our vega x article.

Enter roblox and launch both the roblox jailbreak and the downloaded exploit.

Then copy any of the jailbreak script we shared and paste it into the exploit’s box.

Finally, click on the Inject / Execute button and you can activate the desired scripts.

Jailbreak Gui

A large number of jailbreak script are on the market. We tried them all one by one and shared the employees in a list below. You will get more pleasure from the game using the scripts below!

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Features of Jailbreak Script

  • Kill Aura
  • Anti AFK
  • Auto farm
  • Auto money
  • Auto rob

We have listed the jailbreak guis below with many great features that we could not count above.

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