Flee The Facility Gui / Script 2023

The Fleet the facility gui is one of the best quality guis.

Flee the facility is a top-performing game that appears on Roblox’s popular games list on a regular basis.

The Flee the Facility objective is self-explanatory, but if you are unable to “decipher” what the game is all about, think of it as Dead by Daylight on Roblox.

To be honest, Flee the Facility is a Roblox team-based game in which up to four (4) players designated as survivors are tasked with locating and hacking the computers scattered throughout the map in order to open an exit through which they can escape.

While these tasks may appear simple for the first 15 seconds or so, players are likely to struggle to complete their missions, especially when the Beast appears. This fifth player’s goal is obviously to track down and capture all four survivors before they flee.

Flee the Facility offers fantastic gameplay based solely on the above concept. It also includes a lot of replayability as well as a dynamic match that aims to eliminate repetition. Unfortunately, the game’s only drawback is the lack of a tutorial, which is combined with limited maps and Beast abilities.

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Features of Flee the facility gui

  • ESP,
  • kill all,
  • Walkspeed
  • and more..
Flee the facility script
Flee the facility script

Flee the facility script




loadstring(game:HttpGet((‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/actz2196/fortnite/main/FleeTheFacility.lua’), true))()

GUİ 3;

GUİ 4;

GUİ 5;

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